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Design Tips To Consider Before You Get Cushion Covers

There was a time when I used to think that redecorating only meant knocking down a wall or two, ripping the fabric from the sofa and getting a new one and getting a new paint job to spruce up the walls. While there is nothing wrong with that, let's face it, such a project is going to cost a pretty penny. One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to redecorating is thinking a little too big and this is usually discouraging considering the fact that you may be renting. However, just because you are renting does not mean that you have to ignore your home aesthetics. The truth is that redecorating does not always have to be expensive. Sometimes all you need is just a splash of colour and pattern and there is no better way to do this than with a few new cushion covers.

One of the most practical reasons to invest in a few new cushion covers is to make hard-backed furniture look and feel more comfortable. However, before you go on a buying spree and adding all sorts of cushion covers, let's look at a few design tips to help you choose the right covers for your home.

1. Mix and match. 

Most of the time, new sofas come with matching cushions which give the couch a lumpy look. You may decide to get rid of those ones altogether and get new ones or just replace the cover. Instead, go for covers that contrast the sofa colour while complimenting the rest of the room. It may sound like a simple fix but believe me, everything will look so much better!

2. Choose the right colour palette. 

Picking the right colour palette goes a long way in making the room put together. When choosing the colour palette, consider the different shades and patterns as these are the elements that will make the colours work well together. The best way to pick your colour palette is look at your room and identify two or three colours which complement each other and are the same as an element in the room. This way, you will avoid colour clashing.

3. Size and shape of the cushion. 

The biggest mistake people make is getting two or three cushions all in the same size. Mix up the shapes and sizes to add depth. Two different patterned cushions and a smaller bold coloured one makes a bigger statement than you could ever achieve with three same size differently patterned ones.

4. Have fun with seasonal decorations. 

Nothing makes your living room pop more than seasonal decor and this too does not need you to spend an arm and a leg. A simple handmade cable-knit cotton cover or a green elf cushion against a white faux fur cover does wonders to a simple grey couch during the Christmas season.

5. Experiment with different fabrics. 

Materials such as silk, leather and suede will definitely give your couch the edge it has been lacking especially if you match a curtain or two with the curtains. If you want a more ethnic look, cushions with unique embroidered designs, sequins or quilted patchwork will do wonders for you.

6. Talk to an expert. 

Many times, you might feel confused or spoilt for choice when you are shopping to spruce up your home. However, if you speak to a qualified interior designer or expert in cushion covers, you will be in a better position to get your desired results. This being said, at Lorraine Lea, we are able to do exactly this for you.

Caring For Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be a great and stress-free way to quickly change your look or experiment with length and colour. However, most people have this misconception that because hair extensions are just an add-on, that they are a one-off deal and that you can always buy new ones once your wear out the ones you have. This could not be more wrong. Matter of fact, hair extensions (human hair or synthetic) last longer if you take good care of them. Matter of fact, if not properly cared for, extensions can damage your hair let alone expiring before their date. No one is exempt from the hair extensions care routine. Even celebrities take great care of their extensions to make them last longer!

So, how do you care for your hair extensions?

One of the most important ways to care for your extensions is to use the right products. This will be the determining factor in whether your extensions remain soft and manageable or tangle and fray. The best products should be sulphate and alcohol free. This is because these ingredients strip the hair of its natural oils and since extensions have no source of nutrients, prolonged use of these ingredients will affect the integrity of the hair and therefore shorten the lifespan of your extensions. Getting the right products to take care of your extensions is definitely the first step in ensuring your extension serve you for a good, long period of time. Hair extensions such as the clip in hair extensions found here can easily last for up to two years, maybe even more, if the clip in extensions are taken care of properly.

The second thing is to take out your extensions before you go to bed. Unless you have sewn in extensions, clip-ins should be removed before you go to bed as the little securing camps can irritate the scalp.

Thirdly, shampoo your extensions at least once a month. If your extensions are synthetic, use a wig shampoo specifically intended for synthetic fibres. Human hair extensions can be cleaned using mild shampoos and conditioners or a special shampoo designed for extensions.  Hang them up to dry before you brush them because unlike real hair, extension fibres will frizz up if you brush them while wet. Before you brush the extensions, first stack the wefts on top of each other before you carefully brush them beginning from the bottom as you work to the root. If you encounter a tangle, take out the individual weft and brush through it gently until your brush runs smoothly through the strands before you put it back with the rest of the stack.

The fourth step is storing the extensions properly. No matter if you are using cheap or real hair extensions or have bought your remy hair extensions from this site, you need to make sure your extensions are stored properly when not used. You can store the extensions in the storage box they come in or use an airtight container or shoe box. Storing the extensions this way will help prevent tangling or any other damage which ensures that your extensions have a long life span.

If your synthetic extensions frizz up, don't panic. You can untangle them using two parts of fabric softener and one-part water. All you need is to mix the water and fabric softener in a bottle and spray the extensions with the solution before combing through them using a wide-toothed comb.

Finally, if you have sewn in extensions, always detangle your hair before washing it and/or going to bed using a wife-toothed comb, wig brush or a special looped brush. Detangle the hair in small sections, working from the ends to the roots.

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